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Construction Restroom Solution

Why Hawaii John's?

Our portable toilet rentals are delivered directly to your construction job site and serviced by our dedicated team, our standard porta potties are ideal for residential or commercial construction projects. When you rent our porta potties you can expect accurate and dependable delivery, and prompt, professional service.


Because of our outstanding customer service, Hawaii John’s Inc. is a preferred supplier of portable toilets to the construction trade on the Big Island, HI.

Don’t know how many you’ll need?

No problem, Trust our experience! Typically sized at 1 restroom for every 10 workers in a given 40 hour work week with a standard weekly service.

Need more?

Not a problem, we got you covered! Proudly providing the largest inventory on island. You can also upgrade your cleaning to a two times a week cleaning!


Height: 88” Width: 43”

Depth: 48” Weight: 164lbs  

Standard tank volume: 70 gal. 

Floor space: 41” x 21”               

Seat height: 18″                       

Door opening: 73” x 24”


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