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Executive “Small John”

A/C Restroom Trailers

For special occasions like weddings, events, parties, back stage at a music festival and more! These are the fanciest restroom trailers in Hawaii!


Hawaii John’s Luxury Restroom Trailers rents several trailers for special events. These units are a big step up from porta potties and come with running water, sinks, climate control, music, and the luxuries of a home restroom. Our fancy water flushing mobile restroom trailers have separate men’s and women’s restrooms and all come with flushing toilets, air conditioning/heating, sinks, and lighting on the interior and exterior. All of our restroom trailers will make your guests as if you have walked into your own home bathroom.

Our Small John features  2-stations! 

mens side (toilet and urinal) and a women's side

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