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Washing Stations

Wash stations promote a healthier and safer environment at your construction site, elegant affair, special event or seasonal location. Hawaii John's offers two-person and four-person sinks. The wash stations feature fresh water, soap dispensers and paper towels.

Note: Water is not for drinking or cooking.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

When fresh water is not available, hand sanitizer stations offer the perfect solution for personal hygiene at any location. Each of our sani-cans can be equipped with the hand sanitizer future upon request


Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks easily fit under job site or construction site office trailers and are great for holding large amounts of waste water (greywater).

Weekly sanitation service is available with your Holding Tank rental

Septic Pumping

Take advantage of our newest service! Now offering commercial or residential cesspool pumping. Our techs are quickly and effective! Your cesspool will be taken care of by certified technicians.

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